Artwork Submission

Before you try to submit your artwork, please read 'Summary of Bio-Art Contest' on the notice.
If you would like to see the list or to add, modify, delete for another one after you submitted artwork, click here.
After you done to submit your artwork, submission code will be sent to your e-mail address you wrote in submission form.
This process can take several minutes depending on your mail server or the speed of internet connection. be patient!

Submission code is your 'password' for managing your submission.
You should be careful not to reveal the submission code to any other person.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera may preferred in order to proceed submission without any issues.
Manage Art Submissions
Artwork Title
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at most 60 characters.)
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Description for your artwork
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at most 400 characters.)
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If you have any question related on the system for artwork submission,
please email to department of system administration of Bio-Art contest at sysadmin@biocon.snu.ac.kr.