2020 Gwacheon Bio-Art International Contest Winning Artwork Announcement
Author : bioart.admin | Date : 2020-09-27 19:28:09

This is the Bio-Art contest organization committee.

We appreciate all of the participants for submitting their wonderful artwork. Here is the following information.

1. Prize-winning artwork

We have chosen one artwork for the grand prize, 3 artworks for a excellence prize, 3 artworks for a jury prize and 10 artworks for a encouragement prize. Additionally, 20 more artworks will also a participation prize and we are preparing online exhibits, please check the specific details below.

2. Prize 

– You should reply to bioart@target.re.kr with a copy of your passport or ID card and your bank information until Oct. 31th.
– For the prize money, public charge and tax will be levied on the winner. 
– The cash prize can only be transferred in Korean money, it cannot be sent by credit card or PayPal. 

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all the participants!
Please e-mail us at bioart@target.re.kr, if you have any question.

Prize No. Full Name Country Artwork Title Catetory
Grand 1 정홍규 Korea, Republic of 희망을 말하고 싶다 Photograph
Excellence 1 Mithail Afrige Chowdhury Bangladesh Social Distance during Prayer Photograph
2 Nimai Chandra Ghosh India Optimistic But Thoughtful Photograph
3 양희준 Korea, Republic of 들여다보기 Photograph
Jury 1 Debdatta Chakraborty India A Victim Photograph
2 Javier Estrade Boscada SpainCovid-19, a personal point of view Video Art
3 Gökhan Okur Turkey Corona Fish 01 Computer Graphic
Runner-up 1 이동화 Korea, Republic of 코로나19 지하철 Photograph
2 이의진 Korea, Republic of 공존 Computer Graphic
3 Mithail Afrige Chowdhury Bangladesh Disinfecting Train Photograph
4 Rakibul Alam Khan Bangladesh Pray for Life Photograph
5 Jose Maria Orsi Cruz Brazil 02 - Virus - Lockdown in the city of Paraty – Rio de Janeiro Photograph
6 Shima Iran, Islamic Republic of Human + virus = living with difficulty-01 Computer Graphic
7 Poliak Kseniia Israel Virus portrait Photograph
8 Alessandro Rizzi,
Gianluca Checchi,
Matteo Sandrini
Italia Lockdown Aequinoctium Video Art
9 Giovanna Dell'Acqua Italia The Price of Value Photograph
10 Petrova Irina Petrovna Russian Federation Total Lockdown Photograph
Participation 1 김경은 Korea, Republic of 혼란 Microscope Pictures
2 김용진 Korea, Republic of 바이러스와 인간, 공존의 양면성 Computer Graphic
3 이다형 Korea, Republic of Survival Strategy Computer Graphic
4 현지원 Korea, Republic of 숨결: Grain of the Breath Video Art
5 Benjamin Owens Australia Life in a Bubble Computer Graphic
6 Shahriar Ahmed Joy Bangladesh Poverty Photograph
7 Ziaul Huque Bangladesh Children's Playing During Highly Lockdown Photograph
8 Elaine Whittaker Canada Other World Microscope Pictures
9 Sergio Andres Diaz Cortes Colombia Vectors II - Spiritual Symbiosis I Photograph
10 Sourav Karmakar India The Man with Temperature Gun Photograph
11 Fatemeh Moradiyan Iran, Islamic Republic of Corona and Children Computer Graphic
12 Majid Hojati Iran, Islamic Republic of Charitable Mask Photograph
13 Mohammadreza Behmaram Iran, Islamic Republic of Fear and Hope Photograph
14 Saeid Ghasemi Iran, Islamic Republic of Requiescat Photograph
15 Sima Ghazi Iran, Islamic Republic of Creatures on Earth Computer Graphic
16 Andrea Busi Italia Words Computer Graphic
17 Sanna Silvia Italia The Aesthetics of Fear Photograph
18 Aisyah S Malaysia Under Our Control Computer Graphic
19 Hamilton Felisberto Chambela Mozambique Daily Photograph
20 Gökhan Okur Turkey COVID-19 Jail Computer Graphic